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The Best Natural Liquid Hand Soaps with Yummy Scents

Best Natural and Organic Scented Liquid Hand Soaps for 2017

Best Natural and Organic Hand Soaps Green Hand ImageAs sensory-motivated people, we often look for yummy scents over nutrient-rich substance. But, in my opinion, both are equally important.

You want to smell as good as you look and as great as you feel. So, to satisfy those of us who love aromatics as much as we love nourishment, the following 3 among the best natural hand soaps are spades in both categories.

These hand soaps work into a rich, luxurious lather, with tiny fragrant bubbles that cleanser your skin cells with the power of little scrubbers.

Your skin will take on a smooth, soft feel and overall healthy appearance, while the scent serves as a reminder of the aromas you love most.

Yes to Coconut Lemongrass Liquid Hand Soap

Yes to Coconut Lemongrass Liquid Hand Soap, 12 Fluid Ounce
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This hand soap is my favorite on the list; therefore, it gets top spot. It combines the beachy scent of coconut with the sweet smell of lemongrass, which is basically a seashore paradise in a bottle. This is total (albeit inedible) yum. And the lather is smooth with micro bubbles that scrub the lines in your hands, giving you a touchable, silky feel that will make you want to hold your own hand. Go ahead. Indulge with a little self-love because you will look and feel amazing.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Scented Liquid Hand Soaps

In some instances, lemon-scented stuff brings back memories of cleaning products and chemical supplies. In this case, this hand soap is all-natural, so the lemons smell fresh, crisp, and delicious. Couple that with a touch of soothing aloe vera and smoothing olive oil, and you have perfection in every sudsy dollop. It is the absolute total package, allowing you to experience the joys of having beautiful hands, even after hours upon hours of hard work.

J.R. Watkins Melon Hand Soap

This hand soap reminds me of ripe watermelons in the summertime. You know, when as a kid you would sit with your friends on a picnic table, munching on yummy melons, then spitting the seeds to see who could spit the furthest. Maybe that was more a country childhood thing. But this hand soap reminds me of that kind of summer day, where everything was perfect, sunny, and sweet scented.

The soap itself is chockful of natural vitamins that absorb quickly, penetrating skin cells to nourish and beautify from the inside out. In other words, this awesome soap brings out your natural radiance.

The above are my own personal picks among the best natural hand soaps (scented) – but there is plenty more to know on the subject…

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