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The Best Natural Eye Creams to Banish Bags

Woman with beautiful eyesThere are hundreds of eye creams on the market these days, but many of them are loaded with artificial and often harmful ingredients, like additives, parabens, and chemicals. Luckily, there are some brands that we can rely on for wholehearted honesty and all-natural, oft-times organic, ingredients.

Their products are some of the best on the market because they are open and honest about what they use. And their ingredients are commonly beneficial, earning them top spots on a short list of the best natural eye creams.

The following three eye creams are what I would call the best of the best because their ingredients have the most benefits. They banish the bags that keep your peepers puffy, while renewing skin cells to heal damage and smooth, soften, and protect your skin. All good things from these eye creams!

Yes to Blueberries Age Refresh Eye Firming Treatment

I love the Yes collection because it packs heaps of fresh fruits and vegetables into a single dollop of amazing eye cream.

This one is loaded with wow-worthy blueberries, chockful of nutrients to firm up the skin around your eyes, while giving you a brighter, healthier appearance.

When your skin cells are smoother, softer, and healthier, your natural eye color is brighter and clearer, making you look happier, more alert, and ready for anything.

So, the question is…would you say Yes to Blueberries? Because I sure would.

Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream

I dig Origins because their containers are portable and convenient for travel.

While the creams themselves are refreshing and loaded with nutrient-rich ingredients, like magnolia extract and ginseng. Both of which deliver a big dose of brightening, revitalizing vitamins to your skin cells, resulting in smoother, softer, more radiant skin around your eyes.

Not only does Origins banish bags, but it absorbs quickly into your skin, cleaning away with impurities that may have made themselves at home in your skin cells.

Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Eye Cream

Burt's Bees Intense Hydration Eye Cream, 0.5 Ounces
List Price: $17.99
Price: $8.99
You Save: $9.00
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Burt’s Bees is a household go-to and family-friendly favorite.

This eye cream features a main ingredient of potent clary sage; an herb that clears impurities, revitalizes healthy skin cells, and replaces old skin cells with new.

The Intense Hydration formula is perfect for all skin types, but it does wonders as an anti-ager.

Every bit goes towards refreshing and re-hydrating your skin cells, filling in wrinkles and fine lines with natural, healthy “plumpness” to make you look younger, healthier, and happier.

That’s the end of this short-list. Also recommended (on this site): Best Natural Eye Creams (more in-depth info)

Tonya is a long-time product researcher, online shopping tips aficionado and loves to share her ways to save (and make) money online.