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The 3 Best Natural Shower Gels on the Market in 2017

Best natural shower gels for 2017 - shower drops with flower and natural leaf

I love showers. They are my way of unwinding after a long day, as I imagine the grime and stress slipping away to disappear down the drain.

And all of that negative stuff is replaced by one of my favorite shower gels, all loaded with whole, healthy ingredients and a wow-worthy, long-term scent. I change my scents every year, because smelling good and looking good makes me feel confident, sexy, and great.

My opinion on shower gels is this: you take a shower to get rid of the dirt of your day, so why would you lather up with chemical-laden shampoos and body washes? Go all-natural or make peace with being forever dirty. Ha, ha.

But seriously, natural shower gels serve up nutrient-rich formulas of 100-percent homegrown ingredients, all of which soothe, repair, and nourish your skin cells.

Here are 3 among the best natural shower gels I would recommend for 2017:

Alba Botanica Very Emollient French Lavender Bath & Shower Gel

Probably my favorite on the list.

Lavender is a natural soother because it naturally relaxes your muscles, resulting in deeper, longer, better night’s sleep. Plus, French lavender is more vitamin-rich and potent in pure botanicals, so your skin cells get a double dose of nutrients and antioxidants to keep them healthy, smooth, and lovely.

This version is “very emollient,” which means it sluffs off dead cells to allow more radiant shells to shine from underneath.

Andalou Naturals Mandarin Vanilla Shower Gel

Admittedly, I often think of the cloying smell of cleaning products when I see citrus in shower gels. But this one is different.

The sweetness of mandarin is crossed with smooth vanilla, creating a refreshing blend that mellows your nerves. The forefront combo of Argan oils and Aloe Vera help big time in the nourishing department, as both promote the strength, beauty, and brilliance of soft, healthy skin cells.

Nature’s Gate Acai Body Wash

For starters, let’s talk about the bottle. It has a pump-action release for the perfect dollop of shower gel in the palm of your hand. And the artwork on the front makes you think of a sweet-scented, hydrating experience. It’s basically preparing you for all of the awesome things to come.

Product-wise, this shower gel makes your skin feel velvety and smooth, with a combo of Acai berries, Shea butter, and Brazil nut oils. The fragrance is subtle and soothing to your senses, while the lather is rich, luxurious, and rinses off clean.

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