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Natural and Organic Shower Gels – Best for Moisture and Scents – 2017 Top Picks

Natural Organic Shower Gels - Best for Moisture and ScentsNatural and organic bath and shower gels are definitely the way to go. Being an advocate in general of products made with natural ingredients (and minus the harmful ones), naturally I began to use natural skin cleansing as well – and have never turned back. Two factors that I focus on: moisturizing and scent.

I keep at least two products in my shower almost all the time – and almost always one of them is either coconut or aromatherapy – and always paraben free.


Well, these products in particular tend to not only provide cleansing and moisturizing, they also provide benefits beyond their apparent purposes – providing relaxation, peace of mind and sometimes providing an extra boost in alertness when I need it the most.

And that is what this page is all about. 🙂

Top 10 Natural Shower Gels for 2017

The best of the best - This year's ten best natural and organic shower gels

This resource is being listed first because it is the “be all end all” of natural and organic bath and shower gels. From the Top 10 Store website, this page can give you all the info you need if you’re just looking for a very nice natural skin cleansing product.


Best Natural and Organic Shower Gels for 2017 (Video)

Best Natural Shower Gels – Top 5 List for 2017

Compare prices – find the current top ten list – natural and organic shower gels for women and men @ http://healthandbeauty.top-10-store.com/top-10-natural-shower-gels/

The above video short-list is from the above top 10 list, and gives a few of them to consider – truly the best of the best when it comes to which natural shower gels people are raving about the most. (You will likely recognize the names – or at least one or two of them.)

Best Moisturizing Natural and Organic Bath and Shower Gels

Moisturizing Natural Shower Gels - Best-of List - nice list of natural and organic shower gels for dry skin

I love lists – and the above list is absolutely perfect if you are searching for a natural shower gel that focuses its benefits toward moisturizing skin. There are some lovely choices, some of which are far more affordable than one might think. And the ones toward the top of the list also tend to be the ones that I would personally use.


Best Natural Aromatherapy Bath and Shower Gels

Best Aromatherapy Bath and Shower Gels: List and Guide - some wonderful natural shower gels in this list!

For soothing the body and mind – or perhaps to give yourself the best “wake up call” in the morning possible, aromatherapy bath and shower gels can give you that extra something that you will love. Best part – these are made with natural and organic ingredients, improving their quality and scents even more.


Best Natural Coconut Bath and Shower Gels

The top picks in 2017 of coconut based and coconut oil shower and bath gels and body washes.

Coconut has many benefits for the skin – mainly what we know is that it is an excellent moisturizer as well as having natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. And – there are some absolutely yummy body wash and shower gel products made from coconut bases or including coconut oil in their ingredients. (This category is my own personal favorite among shower gel products.) This resource (above) gives tips on which among these products is getting the most sales and the best reviews.


My favorite coconut body wash product – the combination of coconut and lemon is amazing…

Everyone 3-in-1 Soap Coconut plus Lemon, 32 Ounce
List Price: $9.99
Price: $9.33
You Save: $0.66
Price Disclaimer

Best Natural Paraben-Free Bath and Shower Gels

Love the tips and resources here - which natural and organic shower gels and body washes are also paraben free? Nice.

If you are well informed on the potential risks of cleansing products with parabens, you will likely be searching for shampoos, soaps and yes, shower gels without them. Above you can get all the info you will need to find out which paraben-free body washes and shower gels are making the grade this year.


Some of the most looked-for natural and organic shower and bath skin cleansers are based on moisturizing and scents (including aromatherapy). This page has covered all of the bases along those lines – which ones are truly the best overall, which ones give the most moisture and the best of natural yummy scents.

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