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Best natural shower gels for 2017 – shower water drops with flower and leaf

I love showers. They are my way of unwinding after a long day, as I imagine the grime and stress slipping away to disappear down the drain. And all of that negative stuff is replaced by one of my favorite shower gels, all loaded with whole, healthy ingredients and a wow-worthy, long-term scent. I change [...]

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Natural Coconut Lotions – Best of Organic and Natural Fruit Moisturizers for 2017 thumbnail

Some (of us) love a light, fruity scent to go along with our body moisturizing. Coconut seems to be the fruit that is most sought-out, but there are some other wonderful natural and organic lotions and creams that also are making the grade. (Check out what’s in store for you below to find some great [...]

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Top 5 Natural and Organic Skin Lotions – Best Moisturizing from Nature – 2017 Update thumbnail

Being someone who absolutely loves lists – here is one that zeroes-in on skin lotions – the ones that are “made by nature.” Looking over the products on the list, I see some great reviews – and one that I can personally attest to being in love with. :) Check it out below: [View the [...]

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Best Natural Face + Body Moisturizers – The Shopping List for 2017 thumbnail

Yes, some natural face and body moisturizers are better than others. In fact, it could be that you have tried a natural brand only to find that it did not do the job you expected. Here is a list that you can refer to, and use to do a little bit of online shopping around [...]

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Top 3 Natural Skin Moisturizers for all skin types

Which natural and organic moisturizing lotions and creams are great for all skin types? There are thousands of products touting their benefits in the skincare aisles, but few have the benefits of the best – the natural moisturizers. Why would you want to cover your skin cells in smothering chemicals and lab-made ingredients – when [...]

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Natural Moisturizing Lotions and Creams – The Ones to Fall In Love With

When you have dry skin, it is always a happy experience to find a lotion or cream that really works. And – for those of us who are choosy and are looking for natural and organic products to use for our skin, the ones on this page are the moisturizers that you could easily fall [...]

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Natural and Organic Coconut Bath and Shower Gels – Best Yummy Ones to Look For thumbnail

I cannot say enough how much I absolutely love coconut bath and shower products – as well as other types of cosmetic products. Coconut does amazing things for the skin, as well as being healthy in general. Here is a collection of the best of the best coconut bath and shower gels (use scrollbar on [...]

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Top Aromatherapy Shower and Bath Gels – Best of Natural and Organic List 2017 thumbnail

Which natural and organic shower and bath gels are the “ones to buy” for aromatherapy this year? Below is a list of five of ’em – these are some of the very best natural and organic scented body washes and shower gels this year: [View the story “Best Aromatherapy Bath and Shower Gels – What [...]

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Best Natural and Organic Shower Gels for Dry Skin – Current Picks for 2017 thumbnail

“Moisturize!” is the call for many of us women who are consistently looking for products that can help to nourish and soften dry skin. And such is true when choosing just the right bath and shower gel – getting one that will not zap moisture from the skin is key – and luckily when it [...]

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Natural and Organic Shower Gels – Best for Moisture and Scents – 2017 Top Picks thumbnail

Natural and organic bath and shower gels are definitely the way to go. Being an advocate in general of products made with natural ingredients (and minus the harmful ones), naturally I began to use natural skin cleansing as well – and have never turned back. Two factors that I focus on: moisturizing and scent. I [...]