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Best Natural and Organic Moisturizing Creams, Lotions, Moisturizers – The Ones to Fall in Love With

When you have dry skin, it is always a happy experience to find a lotion or cream that really works. And – for those of us who are choosy and are looking for natural and organic products to use for our skin, the ones on this page are the moisturizers that you could easily fall in love with.

Natural and Organic Lotions and Creams Ones to Fall in Love With

Whether you are searching for an everyday natural skin moisturizer, or perhaps a special needs cream (super-dry skin, multiple use, etc.), the ones that I found are getting some very good reviews. These are the ones that are gaining a popular reputation for being the best.

Top 10 Natural Skin Moisturizers for 2017

List of the ten best natural and organic skin moisturizers for 2017!

Opening up this year of 2017, there are some natural and organic moisturizers (creams and lotions) that are getting far more attention than others. If you’re wanting to zoom right in to a skin solutions that really, really works, this is the ultimate list to choose from.

This list is on the “Health and Beauty” site of the Top 10 Store, which is a good resource to find a number of different natural and organic products.


PS: The video below takes a sampling from the above list to give a fun little short-list video to get a look at some of the best natural lotions and creams:

Best Natural and Organic Skin Lotions – List and Guide

This list of natural and organic skin lotions is the bomb! These all sound great - a couple of them I have tried myself and they're fantastic. Nothing like going natural.

If looking for a bit of a lighter solution when it comes to natural and organic moisturizers, you probably will prefer a lotion over a heavier cream. I was delighted to find that there are a number of really, REALLY good natural and organic skin lotions that also don’t have a price tag that ill break the bank. Some very nice picks on the list (find the list by clicking on the image above or the “source” link below.)


Best Natural and Organic Fruit Skin Creams

Some *wonderful* natural and organic creams and lotions with fruit scents - these are the best of coconut and other fruity natural fragrances!

Mmmmmmm – fruit scents. The above resource can point you in exactly the right direction to find the very best moisturizing with fruit ingredients – and scents that are absolutely to die for! (I can personally attest to the first one – it is the one I use every day!)


Best Natural and Organic Skin Moisturizers for Dry Skin

BEST NATURAL AND ORGANIC MOISTURIZERS FOR DRY SKIN - These are the best of the best creams and lotions this year.

Is your skin a little or a lot dry? Then this post may have more importance to you than to others who might take the subject a bit less seriously.

Dry skin needs the right solution – the right level of moisture, and with natural ingredients (not a bunch of yucky additives). The above page can give you some great picks and other resources to check out on the subject.


Natural, Organic Face and Body Moisturizers – Multi-Use Creams and Lotions

Natural and Organic Face and Body Lotions - List of the Best This Year

Looking for a natural skin moisturizing solution that has multiple uses? There are some wonderful products out there that work just as well for the face as the body.

This list is quite helpful – it contains multiple-use moisturizers (creams, lotions) – some of which work great for both face and body, some alternating and/or picks. Definitely worth a look! (Click on above image to get the list.)


Here is my personal favorite multiple-use skin lotion – from EO products:

It can be such a relief to find just the right skin solution – they might seem to be few and far between, but as you may have gathered, there is no shortage of REALLY great natural and organic skin creams and lotions to fit just about anyone’s particular needs – and do the job right.

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