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5 Robot Animal Toys for Kids for 2016-2017 – Dogs and Dinosaurs!

These days if you search for any “hot toys” on the internet, especially during the Christmas holiday season, you are bound to run into some very friendly – or not so friendly robots. Robot pets, other animals and AI toys have come to the front and center of today’s world of toys – especially when it comes to dogs and dinosaurs!

Dog robot - dog and dinosaur robot toys for kids - FB

There are some cuter-than-ever puppies and dogs, and there are some super “ferocious” dinosaurs with features to make even the youngest of fans squeal in delight.

While these robo-animals cannot replace the real thing, they still make some delightful gifts for kids. After all, if you think about it, the prospect of a “pet” toy actually responding to your own actions and emotions or following your commands could be quite a thrill to the kiddos, don’t you think?

Let’s start off with the dogs…

Zoomer Shadow Robot Dog for Kids

Zoomer Interactive Puppy - Shadow
Price: $279.99
Price Disclaimer

“Zoomer” has been around for a while now, he keeps re-appearing in different versions (names and breeds). This year, say hello to Shadow – who loves to learn how to communicate with children and learn all sorts of tricks. Pretty amazing, and a delightful toy for kids about 5 to 10 years old.

You can get a look at what this puppy Shadow is like, and what he can do (from a review from two Zoomer dogs):

Zoomer Shadow & Bentley from Spin Master

The Zoomer line of robotic dogs expands with new dog characters Bentley and Shadow. For full review and shopping info►http://ttpm.com/p/13251/spin-master/zoomer-bentley/?ref=yt Product Info: The Zoomer line of robotic dogs expands with new dog characters Bentley and Shadow. Like the original Zoomer, kids can teach Bentley and Shadow a variety of different tricks.

Paw Patrol Zoomer Marshall Interactive Pup

Just over the past couple of months I have seen a huge trend for Paw Patrol toys, and this little “robot” Zoomer Marshall is right at the top of the list of favorites for kids. He is recommended mainly for little ones, about 3 to 8 years of age. This little “robo pup” is interactive (responsive to kids) and will surely help your kiddo to help save the day!

WowWee CHiP Robot Dog

WowWee CHiP Robot Toy Dog - White
List Price: $199.99
Price Disclaimer

The “WowWee” company has put out some astounding interactive toys for kids over the past couple of years – this little robot dog is just one of ’em. Up as a nominee for “Toy of the Year” he is absolutely adorable and fun. (Note – there appear to be some tricks and tips on getting him set up – make sure to read the reviews on this toy to give you a little help if you need it.

Here is a fun video to give you an idea of just what CHiP is capable of, and how much fun your kids can have with him:

Meet CHiP: The World’s First Lovable Robot Dog

Sign up for updates at: http://wowwee.com/chip CHiP is world most advanced robot dog. CHiP is trainable, loyal & affectionate. He can recognize, obey, learn and wants to be your new best friend. CHiP simulates interactions with a real dog: feels hungry, needs attention, loves to play, and goes to sleep.

OK, time to move on to dinosaurs – let’s have a look at these “ferocious” creatures, shall we?

WowWee Miposaur Robot Dinosaur

Price Disclaimer

Not only is the Miposaur responsive to various gestures from kids, it also comes with a trackball to bring his tracking (and chasing) skills to life, and he also has an app that works with either iOS or Android, allowing your kiddos to play all kinds of games with him. So much fun! And – he has a proven track record with lots of good reviews over about the past year or so. Recommended for kids ages 8 to 15.

Here is a video to give a good look at what the Miposaur is all about:

Meet Miposaur

http://www.meetmiposaur.com Miposaur! The Future of Prehistoric.

Meccano Meccasaur Robotic Dinosaur

Meccano - Meccasaur
List Price: $99.99
Price: $63.99
You Save: $36.00
Price Disclaimer

Designed for kids about age ten and older, this wonderful interactive dinosaur is one of the stars among Maccano toys that kids can build and customize themselves. Going beyond just being a fun responsive toy, kids also get hands-on experience with building and exercising their imaginations a bit and increase their understanding of engineering and construction. (If I had to pick one of the toys on this page, this would be the one I would choose, from a mom’s point of view – just sayin’.)

Here is a pretty entertaining video to show the Meccasaur in action – watch him make friends with the family dog! 🙂

Meccano Meccasaur – Your Robotic Dino BFF

Meccasaur is a 3ft long interactive T-Rex with a HUGE personality. He will stomp, chomp and charge his way into your heart! Control things like direction, attack, roar and mood via the buttons on the Meccabrain. You can also pet your Meccasaur. But be careful, if he’s in a bad mood he might roar at you!

Well, there is my gathering and my favorite tips on which dinosaur and dog robot toys will be making kids swoon this year – so much fun – and – ahem, for grownups they’re a blast too. 🙂

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