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About The Shopping Guide


girl-shoppingThanks for Visiting the Shopping Guide!

What is “The Shopping Guide” about?

You have entered the realm of online shopping – a new dimension of sorts, sometimes requiring a certain amount of creative thinking and a tad bit of agility.  🙂

Unless you have been living in a closet over the past ten years or so, you will likely know that shopping “just aint what it used to be.”  And that’s what this site is all about.

I guess that I am what you could consider a “professional shopper” online.  As part of my “real world” occupation, I do an enormous amount of research on various categories of products and bump into some pretty interesting information when it comes to finding products online – sometimes this interesting stuff has to do with the products themselves, sometimes it has to do with where to buy the products – and having the “in” on where the exact same product can be found at much lower prices than others.

At any rate, I have fun.  And – I have created this site as a sort of a personal venture – a bit of “fun on the side” you might say – a place to put the “aha moments” that I have when I come across some great info on products, activities, DIY stuff and more – my little online shopping playhouse.

Some changes…

At this writing, this site has been completely re-vamped.  It has been with me for quite a number of years now, but due to my other “real world” work, has been put on the back shelf.  Now, it’s being put back into the front and center scene, dusted off and brought back to life.

So — If you have been here before, and if you are searching for a page that is no longer there, my apologies.  I am going to be working to build this baby back up, and am planning to have a ton of fun doing it.

Questions?  Comments?

My name is Tonya – feel free to send me a note!